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Monday, February 28, 2011

7 Monthss!! baby has reached her 7 months by todayy!!!...Time flies so fastttt....

~ Ibu Mishhh uu Sooo much Baby ~

Mastered Skills (Most Children Can Do)
* Sits without support
* Reaches for things with a  sweeping motion (Nih mmg pantang nampak bende depan mata...sumer nakk..especially Remote Control & HP!!)
* Imitates speech sounds (babbles) (Chem mmg suke tgk our lips whenever we talk / sing to her..then she start membebel apa ntah)

Emerging Skills (Half of children can do)
*  Combines syllables into wordlike sounds
* Begins to crawl or lunges forward (Sudaaahhh maraaa ke hadaapann!!)

Advanced Skills (A few children can do)
* Stands while holding onto something (Suke sgt dtg dekat kita and mintak pegang tgn so that dia bley panjat & berdiri...) 
* Waves goodbye
* Bangs objects together

Source :

Other of her development :-
  • Already have two tiny teeth at the bottom...Upper teeth, Comingg Soon!!! 1 on her front right already start EMERGING...eheh..
  • Eat 3 times a day : Farleys Rusk for Bfast, Blended Rice with Vegetables for Lunch & Dinner
  • On WALKER and she'ss sooo happy when she's able to move around here and there...ahaha..Soo Cute!!
  • Suke main tepuk2 lantai...eehheh...
  • Already have Stranger's Anxiety..!! huhu...(akan nangis & peluk kita kuat2 klu nmpak unfamiliar faces...) but only 4 a while...after a few hours / a day..she'll be okay already...tapi on certain people she's favor (x sure wat are her judgement..huhu), she will immediately OK!!
  • Can push herself to sit whenever we put her on her rocker / car sit....
  • Can hold her feeding bottle & sippy cup by herself alreadyy...(Ibu saaanggatt happy!!)
Hmmm..apa lagii yer..rasa mcm banyak lagii...tapi just stop here until now...will update MORE later...


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seronok ke Jadi Bujang???

Ambil mood di pagi hari...........eheheh

SERONOK KER JADI BUJANG???? ehhehe..apa nyee soalan daa...hehhe...actually my husband is away on outstation until next week...huhu..and for that reason, Chempaka need to stay with her Tok Mama in Ipoh..ME?? Back to my parent house in Klang...huhu...Sorang di sini, sorang di sana and sorang di sinun..huhu..

Miss my lil Chempaka a looooootttt..huhu...last night is the 2nd night she's beiiinggg sooooo far away from me..huhu..(eventhough before this I've once left her overnight with my mom during my husband being hospitalized) but this time the feeling its just not the same..huhu...maybe aku ada banyak masa berfikir..eehhehe....HOWEVER, I look at this time as time for me to RELAX.....ehehheh...after a while I haven't slept through the night....ehehheh...but I can't help myself from keep calling my MIL to know how's Chempaka's doing...eheh..Luckily she TOTALLY understand and happily shared all the details..

Found this interesting statements :- 
"Marriage has a way of making people grow up and think about the future. Nights out with friends and crawling stores for clothes are replaced by eating in together and saving for a house.Singles tend to spend a lot on gyms, fitness and clothes."
Source : Click Sini

Walau apapun, I am happy being married and MISHHHHH my baby sooooo muchhh!!!..huhuhu

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pre-Loved Polo Ralph Lauren Genuine Leather Handbag

100% Genuine Polo Ralph Lauren Leather

Price : RM 500 (Worth of RM 1,600.00++)
 Price not include postage

Friday, February 18, 2011

::.My Wedding Makeover.:: has been a year plus since my wedding and still want to make a post about it..ehehe...just becoz I'm searching few things for my brother's wedding and I pass through my wedding pictures yesterday...ehehehhe...(mengenang our moment plak..ahakss!!)..but I just only want to focus to my make-up for the wedding..(otherwise it would be lenghtyy.......eheheh)...

My Akad Nikah was held on 5th June 2009..after Isya'...and for the night I used KELRINA and her touch is not bad at all!!...She used to do a lot of make-up for Pengantin Magazine. Basically I just told her that I just want to be simple and sweet for the night...(akad nikah kene laa ayu2..ahaks)..and the outcome.....

~My Besties~
The next day, I'm engaging AMY JANZ to makeover me..eheh..on the day (06.06.2009) actually he was late due to he has another event he's engaging to..he arrived at my place about 12.45 p.m...(after I'm calling him  few times..)..But as he is PROFESSIONAL Make-up Artist (He is personal MUA for Rozita Che Wan), he told me to calm down and relax...he assured me that he will complete my make-up by 1.30 p.m (schedule utk bersanding)..eheh..and I really put my 100% trust on him...Finally he just took about 45 minutes to do my make-up!!...and its really change my looks!!..What I can say..he is really TALENTED and PRO...I don't even need to prescribed anything (plus..I'already blurr n panic during that time)...hehehe...and more good things about his make-up last until NIGHT (as we have another small gathering with close family members).....even I went for outdoor shooting earlier on the evening (which I did not do any touch-up).....

~Outdoor Session~
~@ Night ~

Before my wedding, I got a chance to try a make-up @ NUROL SHUKOR..even it was not 100% done by her, she supervise her student's, Lutfi  (he is my event planner) closely as he make-up me...She is veeeerrryyy friendly and nice plus with wide of experience in the wonder SN keep her as her MUA....huhu...Just sharing the outcome....Layann jerr...

~Nurol Shukor~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food Tasting @ Intekma Resort Convention Center

We had our food tasting at Intekma Resort Convention Center on last Tuesday (15.02.2011) since it was a public holiday...We've plan and already confirmed our booking on Intekma Convention Center's Banquet Hall to held my brother, Ajai's wedding ceremony next month...The food testing was open for 8 pax but unfortunately only 5 of us were there...ohh 1 (tapi x bley makan pon)...who else, my lil Chempaka..eheheh...

~ The Menu ~

~ Hmm...yumm..yumm~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sedetik Lebih

Mode : Jiwang & Love..

by Anuar Zain

Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu

~ Our early days ~

Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa

Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya

 ~Early marriage life - Honeymooning ~

Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu
Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu

~ Baachakkk...6 months already ~

p/s : Post nih bukan sempena V-Day tapi mmg sgt sukeeee lagu  ni and lately bley dengar hari nih teringat zaman2 mula2 bercinta n sekarang dh ada baby...HOW FAST TIME FLIESSS...(blom lagi zaman anak dah besar nanti...hauhau)

::. FRoM PaRiS WiT LoVeSsS .::

Mesti ingat aku aku nk membebel pasal Valentines Day kan?? Actually NOT..ehehe...On last weekend, I just got 1 lovely souvenir from my beloved friend who just came back from Paris....(jauh kan...Thank you Dear...luv it soo much!!) She gave us an APRON!!..ehhe..maybe knowing I do a lot of cooking NOW compared to before I've got married..ahaksss....

Tapi nak guna as APRON during masak memasak memang laa sayangg....lastly my husband came with this idea...we decided to used the apron as our KITCHEN WALL DECO!!..only we put it at our back door instead of wall....LOL...ehehe...lets view the outcome..

The pocket at the center of the apron can be use to put our utilities bills & etc..eheheh...

Friday, February 11, 2011

~ Bidadari Ibu ~

On the way pegi office pagi ni terdengar lagu BIDADARI by TOMOK...heheh..(mesti kene kutuk aku ngan kengkawan pasal entry nih)...watever it is...aku memang suke lagu ni from the 1st time I  heard it..Layann jer laa lirik lagu ni k...

p/s : Tomok mmg dh byk sangat upgrade compared dgn zaman era Newboyzz dulu...(masa ni mmg laa sgt ANTI-TOMOK...taaapiii..sekarang tidaakk lagi....Keep up the good work..)

Lirik Lagu Bagai Bidadari - Tomok

Bagai sebuah cerita aku dan dia
Bermula hanya matanya yang mempersona
Dia membuatkan hari-hariku
Bagai sempurna tiada celanya
Malam ku gelisah siang ku tertanya
Jika kau tak bersama

~ bulat mata ~
Hadirmu bagaikan bidadari
Melengkapkan langkahku yang terhenti
Kaulah permaisuri gelap dunia tanpamu
Umpama nafasku tak berhenti
Jika kau hilang dalam hidup ini
Percayalah kasih cintaku padamu

Tak pernah hilang
Tak akan pergi

Kitakan terus bersama
Bukan untuk seketika tapi untuk selam-lama
Jangkau kasih kita hingga ke akhirnya
Kita bagai di syurga

Tak pernah hilang
Tak akan pergi
Tetap di hatiku
Kekal di hatiku
Hanya kamu
Tetap di hatiku
Tetap di hatiku
~ Us ~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recommended Pregnancy & Birth Book

I believe most 1st time mother has their own pregnancy or parenting guidance book. At the moment I was confirmed conceived my baby, I already have lots and lots of question in mind..such as what to do next? When should I see a Gynae? What happen in the few weeks? What should I eat and what not? and etc......

So, to reduce my worries and for me to have a healthy pregnancy, a few days after I confirmed pregnant (by then already 4 weeks pregnant), my husband bought this book as a present for us (me & baby)..eheh...

Conception Pregnancy and Birth by Dr. Miriam Stoppard
Luv notes from Mr. Husband...~Thanks Dear~
I remember spending every night reading it. I love the facts that it have month by month progress pages which show what you baby looks like and what is happening to you both inside and out. Feeling very excited to see the baby progress and made me loose my patience sometime to meet our baby. Also it has all guidelines what you need to pack to the hospital and also brief about the type of labour method and also pain relief. Not just that, a lot more which I cant mentioned here, such as food guidelines, exercise according to each stage, preparation for labor and the most helpful part is it also include guidelines for DADDY to its also a way you can spend your quality time with your husband..!! Not to forget it has really NICE LAYOUT and ILLUSTRATION.
After I deliver my daughter, I'm referring to this book which I got as present from my colleague, Noraini..(thanks a lot Aini for sharing). She found that this book is really useful and want to share with us the beneficial of this book.

Great Expectations : Baby's First Year by Sandy Jones & Marcie Jones
Very informative books I can say..still reading it until now. It shows the progress of your child development for every stage until it reach its 1st year. There are tips how to take care of your baby, guidelines how to purchase your baby equipment (even how to choose a good thermometer) , feeding your baby a few more. I remember when Chempaka start to crying a lot during her 3rd months and we as parent become worried..but after reading this book which mentioned its just normal for baby to cry during this stage as to release their stress, it really give a big relief to us.....a lot of research findings and safety tips were shared in here too..GOOD TO HAVE 1 of this book for all new mothers.

After all, I felt blessed surrounded by luv ones and a lot of friends who really  SENSITIVE & CARINGGG....LUV YOU GUYss...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Need Help....How to put a comments??

Apsal x boley insert or reply any comments?? Appreciate somebody can advice me..huhuhu

...Chempaka & Pacifier....

Pacifierrr???? Yeppp...Chempaka is on PACIFIER since her about 3 months old..I know most parent are AGAINST thisss...but maybe I dont think much that timeee...eheh...the most important thing, I want to help her soothed herself..huhu..masa tu Chempaka agak kuat menangis (maybe my BM is not enough for her during that time..huhuhu)....But actually she do not depend on it too much..LUCKY US..!! Only when she want to sleep or when she was hungry and her milk is still not ready...(Ibu dia lambat prepare laaaa ni....hehe)

Ada satu cerita Chempaka & Pacifier semalam..Jeng..Jeng Jeng...This story I got from her babysitter at her nursery..

Babysitter1 : Kak, puting Chempaka kitorang dah jumpe dah..
Me : Owwhhh...Ok..
Babysitter2 : Tapi kitorang mmg  dah tak bagi dah die isap puting..tak elok..
Me : Dia ok ker klu x isap puting?? (kat rumah ibu guna puting pon bila time dia nak tido jer..sbb Chempaka slalu merengek masa nak tido)
Babysitter2 : Nampak ok jerr dia...(ibu dah happy sebab Chempaka x rely on puting dahhh)
Babysitter1 : Tapi tadi Chempaka dia nampak Nurul (btol ker nama baby ni..klu x salah dengar) isap puting, pastuh dia pegi AMEK puting nurul pastuh masuk mulut diaa!!!
Me : GULPPP....(aiyoooo....sapa ajar Chempaka nih....aduhai anak ibu dah sangatt pandai..)

Monday, February 7, 2011

~ Wedding Cake Search ~

I'm in the midst of searching beautiful wedding cakes for my brother's wedding on next month...huhu...assignment dah dapat lamaaa...tapi tak buat2 lagii...better ACT FAST before my mom naekkk hanginn...hehehe...

Theme Colour : Purple

Visit Choffles Wedding Cake Studio website..found a few....

Will it be this one..........???


The Bride's name also YATI....but definitely my brother's name not CHARLIE...

 But..this 1 really CUTEE!! Just wonderinggg..boley tahan ke icing cake if we travel from Ipoh to Tg. Dawai, Kedah?? huhu...

Any recommendation for NICE & BEAUTIFUL wedding cakes????


Chempaka has turned to 6 months old on last 28th January 2011 and we realized that she has develop a lotttt..hehehe....yesterday we look back at her newborn photos and wondered to our selvess "How tiny she was and nothing much she do accept for sleeping!!" need to learn a lot of acrobatic skills to hold her still especially during diapers / cloth changing and after bath..phewww.....

Senyummlaaa abaangg!!

Back to our title postt..eheh..TEETHING..yessss...she's undergo the teething process since last month which causing MANY MANY sleepless night for her and alsoooo me and hubby...huhu.."Cian anak ibu...selalu merengek sebab x selesa..." but Alhamdulillahh...the two tiny teeth has finally shown of last week..its really paid off all the distress and sleepless night...eheh.."Comeeeyyyy!!"

Below are the Teething Symptoms that u may observed :-
  • restlessness, irritability and disturbed sleep patterns
  • sore, red gums
  • flushed cheeks
  • loss of appetite
  • a slight rise in temperature (but not above 39oC, which indicates a fever)
  • dribbling (which may cause a rash or sore, chapped skin on the chin)
  • a sudden desire to chew anything they can lay their hands on!
  • an urge to bite. This should not be perceived as a sign of aggression or anger, more of a means to ease the pain. 
(Source :

But for us as a parent, sometimess we really "cannot tahan" to see our lil muchkin work so hard to relieves the as an effort to help her we use thiss :-


Really recommend this gel for all mommies out there..Chempaka has better sleep since we put this to her may be used maximum of 6 dosage per day but we normally used only during nighttime before she went to sleep and only if she showing sooo much discomfort sign...Can get at any authorised pharmacy...

Chempaka lurvee the taste as well!!


We found this product during our window shopping at Mother's Care Subang husband luves the design sooo much..which he thinks it will looks really cute on our Chempakaa..eehehe...and it fit its purpose well although it might look quite big to fit in the baby's mouth....

We choose the PINK colour one...since it look very cute!!

Tadaaa..."lookk abah..penuhhnyee mulut cayaaa"
After all teething is one of the great milestones of your baby’s development and memories of your baby's first big toothy grin will be treasured forever!!.. so enjoy and cherishh every moment..