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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recap - Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong

Continue from previous post which I've mentioned want to write further on Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong right?? Ok....How do you choose where do you want to deliver????? During the earliest month of my pregnancy, this is the among the question that had been *wink wink* in my head..ehehe..

"Which hospital has the best facilities??"
"Are they expensive??"
"Can we afford it?? "
"Which are the best, government or private hospital??"

Mcm2 kan?? So, at first when we do not really know what to do & where to go  so we just decided to went to the nearest medical center which is QHC Medical Center in Taipan, Subang. The gynae we used to see is Dr. Ng..(old chinese guy). What I can say about QHC?? 

Facilities : Minimal. Used the old fashion scan machine..Just normal bed in general ward. Don't think there is a private room for you if admitted. Can't expect much.

Location : Nearby our house at heart of USJ. But very hard to find a parking space especially during working hours.

Specialist : Has a quit number of qualified specialist including gynae, pedic, obstrecian & etc. Have heard that Datuk Dr. N.Suba also is 1 of the best.

Ambiance : Not very spacious but nicely decorated. But mostly we felt very crowded during our consultation visit. Normally we have to wait around 1-2 hours for just 15 minutes check-up even though appointment has been made.
Fees : For me its quit cost me RM150 - RM180 for each consultation + check-up session (charge for medication, consultation, urine test & normal scan facilities (2D).

Then, towards our searching, ask around what others recommendation, we shortlisted a few Hospitals that we have in mind to deliver :-

1) Sime Darby Medical Center - (Very well known on its proven & establish capabilities. Have well known gynae there i.e : Dr Delaila & Dr. Dato' Siti. But we cannot stand the long queue, parking problem & off course it the price at high side..eheh)

2) UMSC - (private wing at PPUM....ambiance agak old fashion..tempat lama...affordable price..but quit far from our place and need to take a leave during check-up.)

3) KPJ - (at Shah Alam...the distance is acceptable for us..xtau sangat pasal KPJ ni..)

4) Columbia Asia - (at Puchong..this is the best that meet our requirement!!)
Why Columbia???? Off course the main reason it very nearby at our place. Around 10 minutes time driving. Then the facilities is new, cleanliness level is excellent and it very spacious as well...What my hubby like the best is very convenient to find a parking space..eheheh...sebab x crowded...The food at cafe's also yummy..(and mestilaa food masa admission pon sedaapp..)..the nurse is very friendly and helpful as well..

I remember masa kat dalam labor room, the midwife mmg rajin laa bagi tips2 nak BF and how to take care yourself during the confinement period. Tak ingat ape nama midwife tu..Then masa confinement pon dia ada call, tanya how's our condition then and is everything in good manner...eheh..

Before we decided to go to this Columbia, we also make a search on the gynae there and we found that a lot of people do recommend Dr. Raja Juhaidah. So far we did not received any -ve comments about the Dr. Raja and we we decided to meet her on my 10 weeks pregnancy!!..and very happy with the service given...We soooo impressed with the scan machine she's use...FYI, she will do a 3D scan every time we went for check up. We can hear the heartbeat clearly..See the baby moving in 3D form...really a precious moment for us...but of course sometime the image can't appear clearly because of the baby position during that time...Dr. Raja also is very friendly and during my time we used to make appointment at night session, can't really remember whether its on Monday or my hubby pon ada chance to attend to the check-up session as well and take part in this pregnancy thing..ehehe...

During delivery at labor room, only husband or mother can be in.....and I'm glad my hubby is there wit me all the way until the precious moment of delivering my baby...and in fact he got the chance to cut the umbilical cord by himself!!..phewwww.....with Dr. Raja supervision..thanks Dr.!!.hmm...

~ @ Labor Room ~

~ Toiletries bag got upon check-in ~

Hmm..almost forgot the most important part...THE COST!!..eheh...we think its affordable...for normal delivery I'm going through, stayed in single room (this room is limited, depend on the availability during your admission...)...2 days 1 night...including baby & nursery is about RM2,900.00...I think its quit cheap for standard of such private hospital compare to others such as SJMC & Sunway Medical Center...For anti-natal check-up the rate is below than RM 140 (for scanning, urine test & medication)..the best thing is..alwizzzz include discount!!..hahaha...

Think that's all for now..macam dah banyak membebel...eheheh....only have pic in labor room in hand...sorryyy resources...eheheh..


dyana "his other half" said...

yeay, anak no 2 pege kat dr raja la. hehe. banyak org puji dia juga and columbia asia juga. diyana dulu bersalin kat KPJ shah alam tu. ok juga tmptnya. amik bilik 2 org and harga sama with mar. reason being? hadif nak keluar on sunday -father's day itself! masuk saturday mlm. midnight dr dtg check n standby. berlipat ganda la consultationnya. ahahaha.

chempakamummylicious said...

Heheh..KPJ ker dulu..pandai Hadif pilih date..slalunye date yg cantek2 nih mmg fee dia lagi mahaiii...ehehhe..ngarut jer diorng ni kan...

Ema said...

Ok ker KPJ Shah Alam tu.. Klau xsilap ctu yg Yanie pegi ms wife die bsalin.. die kene 10k kan.. huhu..

Murah jgk ek kat Columbia.. Kter ari tu kene dlm 2800.. Tp tmasuk epi..

chempakamummylicious said...

Ema : Yepp..yanie mmg kene dekat 10k..tapi mebi sbb wife die ade complication...emergency C-Sec after try for normal delivery...pernah tgk brochure KPJ ari tu..klu normal delivery, xde complication, mcm ok jugak kot..dlm RM2k..x sure sekarng kene g check..

Tp setakat ni Columbia nye rate rasenye acceptable laa..x mengarut sgt mcm SJMC...hehehe

Anonymous said...

congratulation at first :)
just have some question to ask... do u might me ask in here... regarding the pricing thing? and also monthly revisit charge....
i also gone for twice which is 3rd and 4th month with Dr Ng at same hospital as urs. but compare to my other friend who already deliver twice at Sunway Medical Center... her monthly charges which is about 50% lower price than mine >_<

Anonymous said...

Hi Can you please share how much colombia charge for monthly checkup before the delivery?

I'm living in Puchong so im looking for a doc in puchong if possible.

chempakamummylicious said...

Hi Anonymous, u mean Dr Ng in QHC?? QHC charged for me is quit high..can't say much if u talking bout SMC, but comparing with Columbia, with the services & facilities and also it size...QHC is noott worthhh u spending 4..

Monthly check-up rate in Columbia?? If u r visiting Dr. Raja, estimated around RM120-RM150 (incuding 3D scan)..bare in mind this charges is way back in before July, i also do not sure..but for bb normal check-up & injection nowadays normally will be RM150++

mummy Darin said...

I kenal doctor Raja sebab Doktor Fadzliyana kat Seri Kembangan kenalkan, mula jumpa dia masa dia kat KPMC, bila dia dah takde wonder jugak, then tanya nurse kat situ, dia pergi Columbia.. and I admit, she's so nice and very attractive and full of confidence... like her so much

Indian Surgical Industries said...

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shineflower said...

Thanks for sharing. becoz of your blog I came to know about Columbia Asia Hospital and their Gynae..

Thanks for sharing the experience and making a comparison for ppl like me to think and choose. :)

lily said...

May I know SDMC (SJMC) & SUNWAY MEDICAL is how much?

chempakamummylicious said...

Shineflower : Good things worth of sharing.. lgpon I dulu pon susah nk decide whre should I go..

Lily : Sorry...I x sure how much they cost..depends on what procedure u undergo..readers, sesiape ada experirnce with SDMC n SMC,pls help Lily..thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi,im thinking of going to columbia asia puchong n get dr raja as gynae also after reading ur informative blog.just curious,cn i go for first check up at my 7wks of pregnancy.

shineflower said...

I made my survey with SDMC, SUnway, KPJ,Columbia Asia, and lepas tu lastly, i pilih Columbia asia. Gi kat SDMC tapi rasa quite old and too many peopledan Sunway too $$.

My gynae is Dr. Ng Soon Pheng at Columbia Asia Puchong. He is very good and friendly. and like you said the hospital is in tip top cleanliness, and 3D scan and friendly staff, and acceptable cost.

Sy juga gi kat Chia & Loo Woman Specialist, Bandar Puteri, Puchong (nearby) for 1st few time check up as back-up lah tp the charges is more expensive than Columbia Asia meskipun just shoplot. No 3D scan print-out pulak tu (RM20/= per print if you want) but boleh save in thumbdrive tgk kat umah nanti. Dr. Loo and Dr. Chia are very experienced. Just that they have no time to interact much as too many customer, and they tied up with various hospital (good if you wanna choose where to deliver next time).

As comparison, Columbia Asia puchong is very good like you mentioned. Good environment, no car park issue, acceptable cost, very experienced and friendly Doctor and nurses. Waiting time is short. If appointment time fixed, usually on time.

Thank you for your blog. Otherwise, i would have chose Sunway Medical since i do not know there's Columbia Asia in Puchong. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just share my experience. I just came back from Columbia asia Puchong for 16 weeks check up by dr.Ng. The charges really cause me a bomb... RM 325.10 included consultation, admin charges, urine and blood test ,without any medication. I plan to go for caesarean, prize from RM 6000-8500 (without complications). Normal delivery RM 2800-3500 (without complications)

Humaira said... pregnant 6 months and monthly checkup with Dr. Raja collumbia Asia.The charges are everytime check is below rm120.bout the discount do you ask discaunt to Dr. Raja or die bg je?between highly recommend Collumbia. Friendly nurse, short waiting time for checkup.

chempakamummylicious said...

Wow..I'm sooo overwhelmed to see all your comments and thanks for sharing...just forgive me for not being responsive..huhu..soo much to gi through lately.. :))

My experience on 1st check-up with Gynae is on 6th week..and could detect the heartbeat..but maybe too early if you expected to see to see more details.

Shineflower : Thanks for sharing!! Really informative

Anonymous2 : Hmmm...I dun have any experience with Dr. Ng. But maybe it's quit pricey due to the blood test...can't tell..huhu..but thanks sharing the info!!!

Humaira : On the discount thing, I dpt discount tu dulu (2 yrs back) mmg auto ada stated discount in the receipt but now I'm also went to see Dr. Raja for my 2nd mmg dh xde discount..but the rate still consider acceptable for me..around RM160 for normal check-up including Obimin..U got RM120 n below, that's cheap!! Lucky u..heheh..

aznida shamsul said...

Hi... Im nearly 7th week pregnant... Thanks for sharing the info really informative... I wanted to find more information about columbia asia hospital till i found your blog and i wanna say thank you! the price is affordable... my only worry is caesarean... just in case...