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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kids Piercing / Tindik Telinga Chempaka @ 3yo

At first when she told me that she want to wear earrings, I quit dalam hati berkata-kata "Haa..ada chance ni pegi tindik..ngeheheh"...So I just pancing her again.."Btol ke Chempaka nk pakai "cantek" kt telinga? Nanti kite pegi pakai "cantek"k!!" Cantek is referring to the earring...Seminggu jugak I repeat the same question to her..just to be confirm that she really2 want it..And the answer is remain consistent..NAKKK....It's just because she always see me wearing my dangling earrings and then she just ask me if she can wear it too..eheh...So, since the chance is there sebab dia tengah ok, she requested by herself..tanpa berlengah2 lagi we went to jewelery shop to pierce her ear.

Actually, dulu2 pernah jugak dengar from someone (tp x ingat siapa n dimana tempat kejadian) that its better to get the piercing earlier since baby sebab cepat x sampai hati laa pulak time tu..

We went to Tomei Setia City Mall, Setia Alam as co-incidencely we have to went somewhere nearby it. Dalam hati memang risau macam mana kalau lepas tindik telinga sebelah, sebelah lagi plak dia tak mau sebab redah jugak laa kan...But to our surprised, rupa2nye diorng tindik telinga dua-dua belah serentak knowing that she still a kid..Phewwww..legaaa!! Dunno if other jewelery shop practice the same method or  not but for Tomei Setia City Mall definitely do..!! And the "lenglui2" yg pierce telinga Chempaka tu pon seems dah biasa handle kids..diorang gentle and pandai pujuk...dapatlaa si Cik Mek tu belon as upah..

Kids Piercing / Tindik Telinga Kanak2 @ Tomei Setia City Mall

Muka mula2 before tindik agak excited as she could not expect what it feels or how it will be done..ehehe...lepas tembak, of course nanges sket bukan sebab sakit to more to tergezutttt...So to parents yang nak tindik your daughter, siap2la practice kata2 manis untuk memujuk your princess so that she will calm and xde hati nk bukak the earrings.

Some tips that I could share :-
1) Right after dia tindik tu upahler sesuatu..sebagai appreciation atas keberanian dia...ehehe..budak kecik kott..yg penting nk bagi dia calm after tu..ehehe..(weolss upah eskem Mcd..tu pon dia dh sgt happy)

2) Selalu puji yang telinga anak anda itu sangat cantik "Wahh kakak macam princess laaa..cantiknye telinga..kakak xmo bukak k"..and resultnye, anak anda akan perasan dia tu cantik..wakakaka!

3) After tindik, letak minyak gamat supaya subang tu x melekat n nnt menjadikan luka lambat baek, n worst menanah..Tp Alhamdulillah, telinga Chempaka 2 hari jer seems mcm dh ok..

4) After 1 week ke, dh boleh tukar ke Subang Emas/gold earrings..takut lama2 subang yg asal tu nnt melekat kat telinga.

5) Yang penting, sebab kite tindik budak, rasanya baik pegi ke jewelery shop yang bertauliah..huhu..takut pegi booth yg kecik2 ni x pandai plak handle budak.

Sekian.... :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Invitation Card for Emir

Last time I've posted Chempaka's Birthday Invitation Card (Refer Sini) which we just simply design ourselves...This time would like to share on Emir Satria's Invitation Card for his Majlis Kesyukuran & Aqiqah that we have done back in March 2013..(I know its looooooong time ago..ehehe...banyak idea post terperam.. ;p)...

Front Page
Back Page
Maybe with this sharing could give you some ideas on invitation card design..simply DIY...with the help from Makcik Google + MsOffice..Dangggg!!.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Babygears & Equipments List

 Coming to second baby, I could listed few baby's gears & equipments...which I could call my checklist for newborn baby..this is totally strictly based on our experience and to suits our needs..

All of the items is very useful to us dan sangat2laa berjasa...Most of it we prepared before bersalin so that tidaklaaaa kelammsss semasa confinement...

1. Baby Cot
Both my children, I trained them since newborn to sleep in the that they will get use to it. Its for their own safety especially when you have a toddler n infant sleeping together with you in 1 room. Mmg agak penat when you need to wake-up during midnight to bf / feed them but for me its managable..('s not that bad...jujurr..x tipu..hehe).. Yang penting keselamatan n keselesaan anak2..from my reading, it's important to start to trained them early if u planned to use a babycot..if not, they will refuse n end up the bbcot jadi tmpat letak barang or ternak habuk..ehehe

Ours..we just get the basic 1 from IKEA..but we fully utilized it since Chempaka..tahan jer hokey..

2. Baby Carrier n Stroller
Berguna utk bawak baby ulang alik ke hospital for check up..that's why ianya agak berguna & penting to prepare before bersalin..(that's from our thoughts)..Even when transport them around we just put the baby in the carrier as a carseat so that baby & mum (sayalaa tu) will be more relax..I actually do not prefer mengriba (eheh..ada ke perkataan ni) my baby dlm kereta especially for long journey atas faktor2 3K (keselamatan & keselesan & kepenatan.. ;p) this bb carrier is just fit our needs prefectly.

Maxi Cosi Cabriofix + Quinny Zapp
Babies in Carrier cum Baby Carseat (Emir on left)
We also have this baby carrier, soft structure..Mothercare's 2in1 Position Carrier.. Since I have 1 3yo toddler we used to wear this baby carrier whenever we shop around..My 3 yo toddler a.k.a Chempaka sat in the stroller for ease manage...klu x, x larat kami mengejar nyer...Quit usefull as I could walk with my handsfree while carrying my baby..the only thing is this carrier could only fit untill 12kg baby (approx 1yo)...

Mothercare's 2in1 Position Carrier
Carrying Emir sambil teman my hubby & Chempaka flying a kite

3. Baby Bouncer and Rocker
This is highly recommended to all new parents to invest in...we have both bouncer & rockers (ours are Fisher Price). Bouncers are more recommended to newborn as it smaller from rocker but the FP's rocker could fit from newborn and could convert into rocking chair for toddler...I could say that I used the bouncer / rocker most of the time for baby naptime and to comfort them as well...Other than playpen, I feel more safe to leave my baby for a while on the rocker while a get some of the house-chores done as I could put the rocker nearby me..i.e while I'm cooking..and FYI, kami mengangkut sekali rocker ni whenever kami balik kampung (risau budak  x boleh tido..hihi...wajar x?)

Fisher Price Cover & Play Bouncer
Chempaka in Bouncer..couldn't remember how kompem below 4 months
Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

Emir in Rocker @ 2 months

4. Breastpump
Having experience both failing & succeed (still on-going journey) in BF..I could not deny the importance to get the breastpump upfront before we deliver....For me, I started to use them since in my confinement period..during my early week just to reduce engorgement and I think starting 3rd / 4th week, I started to collect my EBM stocks..Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for me on my 2nd one.. and since Emir was born, I think this gadget have become my this is the thing I cannot missed to carry wherever I go.. :)
My bf besties.. ;p

5. Baby Bathtub
I think this is standard thing all new parent will buy..the objective are all same and clear..and dun think I need to elaborate much..For this we just bought a regular bath tub..xmo membazir sgt spending on this kind of thing..  

Not ours..gambar hiasan

6. Walker
Know that some pedic does not recommend walker (through my reading previously), as they could affect baby learning development..(katanyaa.) but for us, think it quit useful though.. Chempaka & Emir also looks happy in it..senang bergerak dari hulu ke hilir..eheh...and from my point of view, its just 1 medium they used to entertain themselves...x larat asyik nak gendong diorng sbb merengek nak ikot kesana sini...huhuhu..sengal urat pinggang mak...! :D

Emir on walker @ 6 months
 7. Carseat
Lastly on my list which I could remember now (mungkin akan bertambah namanyee..) is Carseat..for safety reason of course!!..And easy manage the kids in the car..Lagipun for long distance journey, the kids & baby lebih relax and boleh tidur dengan lebih aman..

Chempaka enjoying her ride

Emir also have his own carseat

Friday, October 25, 2013

Welcome Emir Satria Mohd Fahmi

Feeling strange after leaving my blogging arena after sooooooooo long..(lamalaatu maksudnye)..But for start...let me start with something SHORT & SWEET... ;)

Welcome to world my babyson Emir Satria Bin Mohd Fahmi..I guess it's explain everything huh..(I hope soo..eheh)..he have been 9months now.. a very healthy & active baby (syukran)..and manage to bf him till now which I could consider my biggest achievement (hehe..hi5 sket to all bf's mommies!)

Emir Satria which bring a meaning of PRINCE OF KNIGHT...our hope he will be a good Khalifah in this world...AMIN!

First few hours

Our 1st family potrait..1 month Emir + 3yo Chempaka