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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ Top 5 Play Saucers ~

When our lil Chempaka reached her 4 months, we start thinking of buying her new TOYS..eheh...and we interested in something like ACTIVITY CENTER for baby so that she can grow with the toy ..(ibu & abah yang excited sebenarnye...!!) It so happened 1 day we brought her to the TOY'S R US in Empire Gallery Subang and put her in the FISHER PRICE JUMPEROO...and she looookkkss really excited with all the toys placed around her...(sgt sukeee tgk bile dia wat muka yg sgt excited)..ehehe....But we just leave the thought of having it there after looking at the price..!! huhuhuh...

But since then, we couldn't stop talking about it...huhuhu.......(rasa nak beli sgt2)..huhu...and to justify and satisfy us whether its worth buying or not, we start "digging" and search around on the review of the Jumperoo and also comparing with other PLAY SAUCERS....This what I found the ranking of BEST PLAY SAUCERS FOR BABY...(just want to share...tima kacehh banyak makcik GOOGLE..Click Here)

1. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun


For newborns, a simple play mat with a toy bar is part of the set, which then converts to a traditional-looking saucer once baby gains head and neck control. When baby is pulling up and standing, the saucer converts to an activity table.. (Evenflo product is rarely found in Malaysia....penah jumper sekali jer...but its tooo priceyy!!)


 2. Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Center

  The traditional round play center seat actually rotates around the activity portion of this toy, so baby gets a 360 degree view of the included toys and great views of the room, too. When baby grows up, the seat can be removed and the center portion forms a toddler play table, so you'll get more use out of the purchase (I'm interested in this one too!! Love the idea that it can be used until she's grow up..and macam banyakk toyss!!)



  3. Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo Activity Center


 The Jumperoo is the modern incarnation of the doorway jumpers that were so popular a generation ago. The jumping seat is now mounted on springs on its own frame, so there's no risk of falling from a doorway. (The one that we try at TRU are different model...totally different design..but the mechanism is still the same)



  4. Bright Starts Bounce, Bounce Baby Stationary Entertainer


 The coolest feature of this play center is that it makes sounds when baby bounces on the pad at the bottom, so it encourages baby to be active during playtime. It also has a seat that turns 360 degrees, plenty of lights and sounds, and a snack tray. (Not interested with this as the baby can move around the seat only..)




  5. Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper


Baby Einstein's signature classical music and learning activities make this freestanding activity jumper a learning experience for baby. Piano keys that light up and teething stalks for baby's chewing phases are included around the rotating seat (No comment..haven't seen 1)





I'm interested in item no.2 & off course the Jumperooo..eheh...but after gone through all the reviews and discuss with hubby..finally we decided to go with the Jumperooo..eheh...At first we start looking for the Rain Forest Jumperoo which is most promoted by all the baby stores during that time...but unfortunately most of the outlet are out of stocks as Fisher Price has launched the new model of Jumperooo..huhu...and we ended bought this 1..eheheh :-

 Precious Planet Jumperoo


For us, its really worth buying...maybe at first me need to put a pillow underneath as the lowest height is still not fit our lil Chem (since we put her during her 5 months)...but thats only for few weeks...and now she can jumping happily on her feet..eheheh...She's really enjoy exploring all the toys and relief ibu for moment during settling the house chores...eheheheheh






Liza said...

wah, best je Chem kat dlm exersaucer tu.... Boleh beli utk secoond one nih. BerAPA REGE TUH?

erna said...

Berapa harga ni saya nak masuk 2bulan. memang sy plan nak belikan jumparoo ni la. Nampak best sangat ^___^

alex amarxon said...

A fun seat and toys at five locations on the platform engage baby all the way around, and an electronic toy at the front has motion, music and lights that can be activated by baby spinning a drum. Seat also features a bobbling elephant, Baby Jumper Best jumperoo