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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emir's Paed ~ Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Deng

As promised in previous post, will write on Emir's paed today...

If klu tengok time Chempaka dulu...since she was born we just refer to Dr. Cheok Sui Ann @ Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong (CAHP) for her immunisation or whenever she's sick. We quit skeptical to change to other paed as memang dari baby Dr. Cheok yang attend her and she knows her history well. Being new to parenthood plus Chempaka pon slalu demam & kurang sihat, we're a bit paranoid of trying some other clinics..bukan x pernah try, tp most of the clinic medicine agak kurang serasi dengan Chempaka, mcm x mujarab and end-up ktorng for sure refer kt CAHP balik.

We also requested Emir to be monitored by Dr. Cheok starting when he was born and there we continue our check-up @ CAHP. But however, after his 1st month jab, we start thinking to give a trial to other specialist clinic outside. Not because Dr. Cheok is not good (infact, she is really good..ramai giler que nak jumpe dia!). Maybe sbb dah ada experience to handle baby, so we are more relax & cool this time (cheehh..perasaan sndiri..hihi)

The main reason kami beralih arah is just to be less hassle for every check-up visit. CAHP nowadays quit pack with people..usually we will went out early in the morning to reach the hospital by 8.00 a.m so that we will be 1st patient in the row (although dah buat appointment, still kene que according time you arrive @ the hospital)..Doctor start to attend the patient around 9.00 a.m. Boleh je datang pukul 9.00 a.m (as per appointment card) tapi slalunye kene tunggu mana2 patient yg datang dulu settle, then br smp turn and kami adalah among orang yang x gemar menunggu prefer to be earlybirdies..lagipun start pukul 9.00 a.m ke atas, orang semakin ramai as consultation time with specialist only till 12.00p.m on Saturday, parking pon susah sket..Slalunye lepas check-up and que nak bayar bill & amek ubat at pharmacy, kami akan settle before 10.00 a.m..

Dulu anak sorang senang sket nak siapkan pagi2 n kluar, but with 2 kids (toddler & baby), macam kesian nk kejutkan diorang pagi2 and rushing.

So end up we cling to KLINIK PAKAR KANAK-KANAK DENG @ USJ 21, Subang Jaya. Sangat dekat to our house..(minus 1 toll that we need to pay if we go to CAHP)
~ Xde snap gamba depan clinic so Dr. Deng's name card pon jadilah~
Consultation Hours : 
Mon - Fri   : 8.00 a.m - 12.00 noon, 6p.m - 8.30 p.m
Sat              : 8.00 a.m - 12.00 noon
Consultation hours are really convenient to us as sbb kami bekerja, dia bukak sampai 8.30 mlm everyday and also available on Saturday.So kalau anak2 x sihat tetibe boleh shoot trus pegi klinik after office, we could just walk-in without upfront appointment. Unlike kt CAHP, ktorng just boleh pergi on Saturday as weekdays smp petang jer kot (kami x sempat)..for Dr. Cheok laa..klu emergency add odd hours of course GP ada standby. The thing about this clinic is the operating time is consistent...sbb before ni, ktorng banyak jugak usha specialist paed clinic yang lain kt area USJ, tapi everytime nk pegi..pintu tertutop rapat and kami sure kechiwaaa..huhuhu

Of course orang x seramai di hospital, and ada indoor playground (slides ngan rumah aci x kira playground? hiihi) budak2 agak accupied and seronok..esp si kakak Chempaka laa..huhu..sgt happy klu cakap Adik nk jumpe doctor..nak2 the clinic assistants kt situ pn rajin layan dia.. :D

~ Nampak tak muke happy budak ber2 nih ~

~ Rumah faveret Chempaka ~

~ Slides yg cumil..muat1 kaki Chempaka..hihi ~
Dr Deng is really nice doctor I could I mentioned previously, he will explain in details about your baby progress or disease base on his observation..Here, we feel more relax and no rush out..(that's what we like most). Compared when we were in CAHP, the consultation will just take roughly 5-10 minutes as there are long que of patient and sometimes made us feel not worth of hassle & waiting time we have to go through. Unless there is really important needs to seek Dr. Cheok advice, we just pay a visit to Dr. Deng.

Lagipun Emir nampak serasi dengan Dr. Deng..maybe jugak his visit mostly for immunisation jab as dia sangat jarang sakit..just demam2 biasa...ALHAMDULILLAH..praise to Allah..

The fee also of course much cheaper than CAHP, just high a bit from regular clinic..for e.g consultation for just normal fever (yesterday) around RM60.. And for immunisation jab as I could remember last time is around rm200++...still ok for us for the services provided as Dr. Deng is paed.

Itu sajalaa corat coret ku..yang lain2 klu tau mana2 paed clinic yg best area USJ / Puchong, sila laa share k..sharing is caring..XOXO

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