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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pinkish KLCC

~ Wordless Thursday ~

KLCC in PINK as support to the Breastcancer Campaign..!!
(I loooveee pinky2 sooo much!!)

Date : 17th October 2013
Time : 9.00 p.m
 ~ Taken from inside the car ~

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fridge's Door Safety Lock Clip

Have you guys facing a problem with your kids always like to play with your refrigerator / fridge. WE DO! Chempaka SANGAT SUKA buat tour & rombongan Cik Kiah kt dalam fridge kitorang..tinjau2 apa yang boleh di makan and digigit sambil dimain..(Aduii! Sebenarnye more to cari bende nak main!) Sometimes I caught her playing Choo Choo Train with my boxes of coconut milk (santan kotak)..Danggggg!...And this is really disturbing & memeningkan ktorng..yelahh..every 10 minutes bukak fridge..Yepp..maybe dia lapar and want to search for a snack to when we offer nasi or something else inside the fridge i.e fruits..x makan pulak..that's what makes me sometime transform to Incredible Hulk (huh!).

Yang paling merisaukan sy ialah, when she often open-close the fridge, our freezer yang belah atas pon kadang2 terbukak sikit and most of the time ktorng memang x perasan..and ini boleh menyebabkan my EBM mencair & rosak..even blom smp that extend akibat habit si Kakak Chempaka, tapi ia agak merisaukan ktorng especially when we were away for work.

~ Door Safety Lock Clips ~
 So, sebagai langkah pencegahan, we bought this "DOOR SAFETY LOCK CLIP" and clip it to the fridge's door..Berkesan especially untuk yang upper door (Frozen section) as dia memang x sampai lagi nak bukak..This clip you may purchase @ DAISO for RM5.00/2pcs...murah kan?! At least there is something untuk melambatkan proses pembukaan pintu fridge tersebut...eheheh

~ At the rack @ Daiso ~

~ Clip at Fridge Door ~
~ EBM's safeguard ~

Monday, November 25, 2013

Berbbwearing for Petronas Charity Fun Walk @ Taman Wetlands Putrajays

Last Saturday we've joined a 1.5km Charity Fun Walk which was held at Taman Wetlands, Putrajaya organized by my Hubby's company division. As Mr. Hubby is part of the organizing team, we reached at Taman Wetlands quit early, 7.00 a.m (in fact, peserta no.1 sampai.. :D)..It's our 1st experience involve in this kind of activity..ber2 with my hubs pon x penah, inikan pulak with all the kids..before this ada jugak our friends invite us to join like Terry Fox Run laa..ape run / walking event...mmg x termasuk dalam carta..hihi..skali ni my hubs kene jd part of the organizing team, kami pon join a support..lagipun since x pernah jejak kt Wetlands tu sooo we think why not..
~ Taman Wetlands Entrance ~
~ Assembly Point ~
Masuk2 dalam Wetlands, rasa sangat nyamann...1) sebab masih pagi..2)Of course, sbb dikelilingi pokok2 yang hijau..!! We passed by the menara tinjau (macam cantik je..macam menarik je)..and straight away to our event assembly point for registration..rugi plak rasa x snap gamba menara tinjau tu, if not could share with u guys...

~ My Husband registering us ~

Fee for this Charity Fun Walk is RM20.00 / head and it will be donated to the Persatuan Sokongan Ibu Dan Anak Kurang Upaya Azwar (PSIAKU AZWAR)..(if I'm not mistaken, based on the bunting at the Registration Counter)..and we received a really nice goodies / tote bag which contain an apple, sandwich, mineral bottle & handkerchief.

As for Chempaka, she's really enjoying herself..sbb it's not just a Walk..Walk..Walk...then bye2..there's also a balloon clown, people in costume (since it's theme is "Fun", the costume really cheer-up the event!), coloring station, etc. Funny thing is, when she saw this lady wearing a SuperMak costume, dia pon sama nk mintak sayap tebang kt belakang baju dia..huhuhu..

~ SuperGurl for her version ~
~ Balloon's Clown which she afraid of..sungguh x macho ~

~ Superheroes in action! ~
FYI, this is my 1st time bbwearing Emir for such event..wearing SOHO Boba 3G..Emir seems sooo comfy in it..

~ In SOHO Boba..muke yg sangat kelatss sbb kene bgn pagi..~
~ Muke happy lepas mamam biskut 2 keping ~

We start Flag-Of at 9.00 a.m and there we goes for 1.5km walk..Actually there is 2 options..u may choose 3km walk or 1.5km..but OF COURSE..kami pilih jalan yang pendek...x dapat bayangkan if we take a longer path..sure ktorng yg pengsan..anak2 steady je (sbb kene dokong)..huhu...But I could say that wearing my Boba its just really convenient..and xde rs berat sgt pon..(chewwah)..Emir tahap comfy dia adalah sepanjang 1.5km + another 15min before flag off for the warming up session, dia dh ZzzzZZzzzZzzzz...huhuuhu..

~ Lets walk n enjoy the green environment..soo refreshing! ~
~ Go Chempaka Go ! ~
By the end of the walk we pass through the FLAMINGO POND..Chempaka sangat happy to see all those flamingo..interesting..

~ Posing secara senget @ Flamingo Pond ~
~ All of us..(gambar agak gelap) tgk Emir tido dgn jayanya! ~

~ To Look-Out Tower ~
After reaching finishing line we just hang around for a while for coloring before we heading back home..Wetlands tempat agak menarik untuk beriadah, we saw some other people were cycling, but we do not explore further what else interesting point here..maybe next time..After all, we just want to got back home as early as we can, before bebudak mengamuk (just like timing bomb! hehe)..Luckily the weather is Superb on that day!..

~ Us @ Finishing Line..Bravo Emir & Chempaka!! Gud job! ~

~ Color mencolor before balik..yang ni good job Mr husband..pandai kaler.. ;p ~

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emir's Paed ~ Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Deng

As promised in previous post, will write on Emir's paed today...

If klu tengok time Chempaka dulu...since she was born we just refer to Dr. Cheok Sui Ann @ Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong (CAHP) for her immunisation or whenever she's sick. We quit skeptical to change to other paed as memang dari baby Dr. Cheok yang attend her and she knows her history well. Being new to parenthood plus Chempaka pon slalu demam & kurang sihat, we're a bit paranoid of trying some other clinics..bukan x pernah try, tp most of the clinic medicine agak kurang serasi dengan Chempaka, mcm x mujarab and end-up ktorng for sure refer kt CAHP balik.

We also requested Emir to be monitored by Dr. Cheok starting when he was born and there we continue our check-up @ CAHP. But however, after his 1st month jab, we start thinking to give a trial to other specialist clinic outside. Not because Dr. Cheok is not good (infact, she is really good..ramai giler que nak jumpe dia!). Maybe sbb dah ada experience to handle baby, so we are more relax & cool this time (cheehh..perasaan sndiri..hihi)

The main reason kami beralih arah is just to be less hassle for every check-up visit. CAHP nowadays quit pack with people..usually we will went out early in the morning to reach the hospital by 8.00 a.m so that we will be 1st patient in the row (although dah buat appointment, still kene que according time you arrive @ the hospital)..Doctor start to attend the patient around 9.00 a.m. Boleh je datang pukul 9.00 a.m (as per appointment card) tapi slalunye kene tunggu mana2 patient yg datang dulu settle, then br smp turn and kami adalah among orang yang x gemar menunggu prefer to be earlybirdies..lagipun start pukul 9.00 a.m ke atas, orang semakin ramai as consultation time with specialist only till 12.00p.m on Saturday, parking pon susah sket..Slalunye lepas check-up and que nak bayar bill & amek ubat at pharmacy, kami akan settle before 10.00 a.m..

Dulu anak sorang senang sket nak siapkan pagi2 n kluar, but with 2 kids (toddler & baby), macam kesian nk kejutkan diorang pagi2 and rushing.

So end up we cling to KLINIK PAKAR KANAK-KANAK DENG @ USJ 21, Subang Jaya. Sangat dekat to our house..(minus 1 toll that we need to pay if we go to CAHP)
~ Xde snap gamba depan clinic so Dr. Deng's name card pon jadilah~
Consultation Hours : 
Mon - Fri   : 8.00 a.m - 12.00 noon, 6p.m - 8.30 p.m
Sat              : 8.00 a.m - 12.00 noon
Consultation hours are really convenient to us as sbb kami bekerja, dia bukak sampai 8.30 mlm everyday and also available on Saturday.So kalau anak2 x sihat tetibe boleh shoot trus pegi klinik after office, we could just walk-in without upfront appointment. Unlike kt CAHP, ktorng just boleh pergi on Saturday as weekdays smp petang jer kot (kami x sempat)..for Dr. Cheok laa..klu emergency add odd hours of course GP ada standby. The thing about this clinic is the operating time is consistent...sbb before ni, ktorng banyak jugak usha specialist paed clinic yang lain kt area USJ, tapi everytime nk pegi..pintu tertutop rapat and kami sure kechiwaaa..huhuhu

Of course orang x seramai di hospital, and ada indoor playground (slides ngan rumah aci x kira playground? hiihi) budak2 agak accupied and seronok..esp si kakak Chempaka laa..huhu..sgt happy klu cakap Adik nk jumpe doctor..nak2 the clinic assistants kt situ pn rajin layan dia.. :D

~ Nampak tak muke happy budak ber2 nih ~

~ Rumah faveret Chempaka ~

~ Slides yg cumil..muat1 kaki Chempaka..hihi ~
Dr Deng is really nice doctor I could I mentioned previously, he will explain in details about your baby progress or disease base on his observation..Here, we feel more relax and no rush out..(that's what we like most). Compared when we were in CAHP, the consultation will just take roughly 5-10 minutes as there are long que of patient and sometimes made us feel not worth of hassle & waiting time we have to go through. Unless there is really important needs to seek Dr. Cheok advice, we just pay a visit to Dr. Deng.

Lagipun Emir nampak serasi dengan Dr. Deng..maybe jugak his visit mostly for immunisation jab as dia sangat jarang sakit..just demam2 biasa...ALHAMDULILLAH..praise to Allah..

The fee also of course much cheaper than CAHP, just high a bit from regular clinic..for e.g consultation for just normal fever (yesterday) around RM60.. And for immunisation jab as I could remember last time is around rm200++...still ok for us for the services provided as Dr. Deng is paed.

Itu sajalaa corat coret ku..yang lain2 klu tau mana2 paed clinic yg best area USJ / Puchong, sila laa share k..sharing is caring..XOXO

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Roseola Infantum / Campak Palsu

Since last Thusrday night until Sunday Emir have been down with fever..on & off..kejap panas kejap baek..the temperature seems not really high so we just apply home remedy..bagi panadol, bagi mandi and lap2 badan je..Emir memang sangat jarang demam..sepanjang dia 10 bulan just 2 kali dia demam including this time..but kali ni demamnye lama its proved that mothers' breastmilk is the best nutritious source..NO DOUBT!

However, on next Monday night (arrived home after works) we spotted that there are some kind of red rashes start appears on Emir's face & body..bintik bintik merah yang comels tapi bukan chicken pox type..since x begitu obvious, kitorg just abaikan...sbb orang melayu cakap "buang panas"...the next day balik from office, bintik2 merah yang comel itu semakin obvious...dlm hati berbelah bahagi nak pergi klinik ke xmo..sbb mcm xde symptom yg seriosaa..demam nope..batuk nope...selsema nope..merah ada mata / berbiji nope..tapi untuk sedapkan hati, kami pergi juga melawat Emir's pedictrician, Dr. Deng..lagipon dah lama x check his progress since his last check-up..

~Budak demam..ada bintik2 merah comel yg x berapa jelas~
Through-out docs observation what Emir's having is ROSEOLA INFANTUM..(Arrkkk...apakah?! nama cam Rosalinda Ayamorr pon hado) Boleehlaaa mommies2 semua bertanya pada Makcik Google k..

About Roseola
Roseola (also known as sixth disease, exanthem subitum, and roseola infantum) is a viral illness in young kids, most commonly affecting those between 6 months and 2 years old. It is usually marked by several days of high fever, followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks.

Two common and closely related viruses can cause roseola: human herpesvirus (HHV) type 6 and possibly type 7. These viruses belong to the same family as the better-known herpes simplex viruses (HSV), but HHV-6 and HHV-7 do not cause the cold sores and genital herpes infections that HSV can cause.

Source :

Hehhe..actually ia x membahayakan according to Dr. Deng (phewwww..lap peluh!)..katanya klu ikot orang Cina they call it "Campak Palsu" (ahakkksss)...maybe itu yang orang melayu panggil "Buang Panas"..the symptom is baby akan demam 2-3 hari dulu then after that the red rashes pulak akan kluar for 2-3 days juga.. and according to Dr. Deng mmg normal to baby below 2 years...xde ubat just observe and soon rashes to akan hilang sendiri...Dr. Deng siap lukis graph on this illness..actually mmg sy suke Dr. Deng because dia x lokek utk explain to parent like us things like this...and dia juge seorng yg comel sbb kadang2 dia pakai tie katun yg comel2 i,e pooh..heheheh (bleyy ek camtu..hihi)..Maybe next entry I will write something on this klinik and why we have change from previous pedic to Dr. Deng..

~ Ini laa sketch frm Dr. Deng..agak2 paham x? hehe~
Kata Dr. Deng lagi, unlike measles / chickenpox, as per 2nd graph (bottom), baby akan demam dulu and dalam masa yg sama (1-2 hr masa demam), bintik merah akan ada pertindihan masa di situ...gitulaa menurutnye..Risau jugak klu kene measles / chickenpox sebab x cucuk lg for this measles immunisation until his 1 year..

~ Emir's appointment card ~
Emir's Progress as @ 19th November 2013 
Age      : 10 months 10 days young
Weight : 8.06 kg
Height  : 71cm
Doctor's comments : Slightly below normal reading..agak kecil & kurus dari paras normal katanya..tapi still ok.. :)) (tapi makan nasi banyak..huhuhuhu)

Monday, November 18, 2013

KL International Motorshow 2013 - KLIMS - Children Safety (Part 2)

Remember that I mentioned to wrote about my observation @ KLIMS in regards the child safety? The story is like this...there were a parent with 2 kids, 1 toddler (free & easy walking) 1 lagi baby in stroller..The father seems so excited on the car, test masuk, duduk, eksyen2 mcm drive the car & talking to the exhibitor while watching the toddler tu (no issue) the baby in the stroller left with the mommy..And obviously there are lot of "rare" car in the exhibition and the mommy also seems so excited for photograph moments...And there were a few times I saw that the baby in the stroller is left behind alone (unattended!) while mommy & daddy busy taking picture / doing other stuff..I was standing beside the stroller (forgot to mentioned that the baby is REALLY2 CUTE!) for a few minutes and the parents dun ever seems bother that I keep staring at their baby (cubit kang baby yg comel tu baru tau! :p)..The message I want to say here is, at anytime, if I'm a bad person, I could just push and take the stroller with the baby away!! Thousand of people were there, so don't expect everyone is as nice as me yg comel..hihihi...

So parents, that's why in this kind of place for me BABYWEARING is more convenient..Biarlerr berat sket nk pikul and keronyokk tudung mak terkena air liur n muntah anak ..but I know my baby is really close to me. I'm writing this also as peringatan to diri sendiri as kitorng pon slalu tolak stroller when shop around..NAUZUBILLAHMINZALIK..

Sambungan from previous post...mari layan lagi gambar2 @ KLIMS 2013..

Kereta2 legend...

~ Ford Mustang!! My company siblings probably ~

~ Racing Car ~
~ McLaren ni bley sesat kt ceruk mana ntah ~

Kebetulan while we were at Sime Darby Motors showroom, there a performance from the dancers..menareksss..and there prizes to give away but of course lee kene jawab soalan..and guess what?? My hubby berjaya dapatkan 1 give away!! Yeay..

~ My Hero win this..USB port..giveaway from SD Autoconnexion ~
Cukup2 sudaahhh,,,cukup sampai di sini sajaaa....
heheh..klu ikotkan hati memang banyak lagi pic nak tempek..Okay, so for those who plan want to pay a visit to this KLIMS this week, just enjoy urself! For those who brings kids..pleaseee utamakan your child safety!! Orang ramai, do not leave your child unattended!!

 "Better Safe Than Sorry"

KL International Motorshow 2013 - KLIMS (Part 1)

Last Saturday we went to visit the KL International Motorshow 2013 (KLIMS) at PWTC KL. My Hubby is a big fan of, definitely he did not want to miss this big event!! (I followww & support jee..).. Weolls dating togede2 ber2 saje this time as we anticipate ramai orang and not comfortable for the kids..(takut deme penat) Emir also not feeling very well on that day..

Some details of the event :-
Date  : 15th - 24th November 2013
Venue : Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
Visiting Hours : 11.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m (Weekdays) / 10.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m (Weekend)

Official Website :

As usual (we are earlybirdies.. ;p), bagi mengelakkan bersesak dengan lautan manusia (expected), we reached PWTC early, around 8.45 a.m. Ticket counter only open at 9.30 a.m. and and as usual we were among the 1st person in Q (hihi..kaisukan..). We park our car at Putra Bus Terminal (Hentian Putra) which is just accross the street to PWTC as we think more convenient for us to go out later from that area. Do not remember exactly the parking rate but for like 5hours we spent there, we've been charge for RM7.00 and I remember that the maximum parking charge is RM10.00..thinks its quit reasonable for parking fee in KL area..

Show tickets are available on Show Ground at PWTC. The ticket fee is as below :-
~ Source : Official KLIMS website ~
As alternative, if you guys plan to go late to the exhibition and do not want to que for a ticket, you may also bought the ticket online :

Our ticket..nampak x muka happy & excited weolls.. :))
Since it still morning, it is not really crowded but think it becoming more crowded in the afternoon onwards. The exhibition hall is quit big and I think could easily ride a stroller along this exhibition. However, if it cramped with huge crowd that will make it difficult for a child in stroller (Babywearing is most suitable from my point if view) Bukan ape, nnt we syok2 nak posing2 and belek2 kete, anak dalam stroller dok tertinggal kat hujung mana..DANGEROUSS..seriauu..huhu..(nanti ada masa I story mory my personal observation at KLIMS in regards on this)

~Overview Hall 1 from top~
Yang menarik about KLIMS, banyak concept car shown here by the exhibitors. Menareks!! Also the latest car model in the market. Among the exhibitor here are the VW, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Perodua, Citroen, Daihatsu & etc. But I think the participating brand for this KLIMS 2013 macam x sebanyak yang KLIMS I pernah pegi dulu..
~ my all time feveret car..but this is Fender version..sgt cantek esp the interior..cairrr tgk!!~
~ Toyota NS4 & Previa..(psst model Toyota mmg hot..huhu) ~
~ Honda EV-STER ~
~ Toyota Fun-Vii (Vehicle Interactive Internet) Concept Car ~
~ Nice ~
~ Engine Technology ~
~ Hyundai ~
 Ada juga kereta2 yang di "groom" kan menjadi comel2...Paling menyengat hati saya adalah kete comel "Hello Kitty" (as I'm a pink lover..;p)
~ 2 cars in Hello Kitty..Myvi & Kelisa convert Mira ~
~ Ini pun cumil ~

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gambar Passport 2013..Latar Belakang Putih

I remember last time I've posted about "Pasport Untuk Bayi Anda" di SINI, back in year 2011, one of the requirement is 2 keping gambar terbaru berlatar belakang biru muda (berukuran 3.5x5sm) kan...but recently (not sure the exact effective date) Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia has change this requirement as it MUST be WHITE BACKGROUND. we need to make a passport for Emir & change Chempaka's passport's picture..we have taken new passport picture yesterday...

Chempaka & Emir's 2013 Passport Picture
NOTE :  
As per Imigresen requirement, parents boleh memohon untuk menukar gambar passport bayi sedia ada setelah bayi meningkat usia 2 tahun ke atas. (last time gambar passport Chempaka while she was 6/7 its time to change..perhaps she's totally look different..tembunss..hikhik)

Actually punyalah payah nak amek gambar Chempaka as she could not remain still and focus to the camera (kekadang bahu senget, buat peace, mata pandang sinis2 & etc.) huhu..Bila baca requirement by imigeresen, requires that mata mesti terbuka n mulut mesti tertutup..barulaa faham kenapa Auntie Kedai Gambar tu bersungguh2 ulang tangkap balik gamba Chempaka sampai dapat pose yang rasa boleh lepas.,.(berpeluh jugak..huhu)

Nasib baik Emir rilex jerr..2 snap dah dapat...siap sengih lagi..hensemlaa gamba passport dia... :D

While as for me pon x dapat nk snap pic semalam as we need to wear BLACK / DARK color hijab (if bertudung) untuk tangkap gambar passport (as per Imigeresen requirement)

 Below is the current requirement based on the Imigeresen Website :-

Kepingan gambar bersaiz 35mm x 50mm berlatar belakang PUTIH tanpa bayang

2.Saiz wajah pembawa passport berukuran minima 25-30mm (50% - 60% ukuran ruang gambar mengikut ICAO)

3.Lebihan ruang di antara kepala dan hujung kepingan gambar berukuran 10mm

4.Lebihan ruang antara dagu dengan hujung bawah kepingan gambar berukuran 10mm

5.Pakaian berwarna gelap serta menutupi bahu dan dada

6.Tiga suku profil tidak dibenarkan

7.Pemohon memandang tepat ke arah kamera

8.Mata perlu dalam keadaan terbuka dan mulut tertutup

9.Rambut tidak melindungi wajah

10.Tidak menutupi dahi bagi yang memakai tudung

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Simple Mixed Vegies Chicken Macaroni for Kids

Today post I just want to share 1 simple recipes for toddler..I cooked it for my lil Chempaka few weeks a go..not to say that I'm a good cook but thought that this menu is really2 simple but yet resipe sendiri dengan kaedah campak2 n campur bahan2 yg ada dlm fridge,,ehhe

Mixed Vegies Chicken Macaroni for Kids
Masa Penyediaan : 10 minit

1 biji bawang merah besar (Dicincang)
3-4 ulas bawang putih (Dicincang)
Ayam Cincang (Secukupnye..ikot rasa)
Mixed Vegies (Secukupnye..ikot rasa)
1sudu besar Sos Tiram
Sos Tomato (Secukupnye..ikot rasa)
Secubit garam

Rebus macaroni sampai masak / lembut dan toskan (letak tepi dulu)
Panaskan sedikit minyak. (Better pakai olive oil klu ada)
Tumis bahan2 cincang (bawang merah & putih)..tunggu sampai naik bau / sedikit kuning
Masukkan ayam cincang and tumis sehingga ayam masak
Masukkan Mix Vegies dan gaul bagi rata
Masukkan Sos Tiram & Sos Tomato dan kacau
Masukkan Macaroni yang direbus and gaulkan semuanya agar rata bersama2 sos tadi
Masukkan garam & hidangkan...

Dan Hasilnyee...Tadaaaa

Simple Mix Vegi Chicken Macaroni for Kids

Kepada sesiapa yang sibuk dok cari Resipi Mudah untuk Kanak-Kanak bolehlah try test yer...Selamat Mencuba!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Emir 10months & My First Baby Book

Emir has turn 10  months young on last Saturday..9 Nov 2013!! Yeay,..Sekejap sungguh masa berlalu..His major achievement so far..

1) Ada 4 batang gigi (2 atas depan, 2 bawah depan)
2) Dah pandai berdiri lepas tangan sekejap..merangkak dengan laju and duduk dengan slumber yaya..
3) Laju sebut "Abah"..ada dengar kadang2 sebut "Abu"..(ibuler tu kot..huhu)
4) Pandai tepuk amai2..
5) Pandai cari gaduh / manja2 dengan kakak.. :D

~Wat his duckface @ 10 months~

Masa Emir was a few months young, I've found this book call "MY BABY BOOK" at 1 bookstore sale @ Ampang Park..It's for recording all the milestone and moment for babies..dulu masa Chempaka mmg ngidam nk satu tapi x beli...Ni kebetulan trjumpa, terus grab tanpa pikiaq dalam2.. ;p

What I like about the book??! 

Here I could record precisely all the milestone that Emir's have achieve so far..then ada page to fill his arrival's momento...which for us to fill our Family Tree...and also page we could put baby's picture from 1 month to 12 months...

Amongst the book content :

The downside of this book is its actually published in UK & it could be design base on Christian's event & culture,...and that's why some page may not be relevant to us i.e My Naming Day & My First Christmast..But I'm thinking of change the page to reflect his Aqiqah's Kenduri & His 1st Raya.. :) .. Overall I still love this book!! :)

~My Arrival page~
~My Family Tree page~
~My Early Playtime page~
~This page for us to put 1st things owned by d baby i,e his shoes, hat, etc~

~My favorite page..1st YEAR POTRAIT GALLERY~