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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pre-Loved Simple Dimple Musical Mobile (SOLD)

~ Similar like this item upon assemble..only different character ~
This musical mobile is easy to use, portable & colourful
Features :-
-        Soft & Tender
-        Can be fitted to any standard cot and crib
-        Sweet and soothing lullaby that will sing baby to sleep
-        Suitable from birth onwards
-        A basic & must have for any growing baby
-        Easy to use, Portable & colourful
-        The best part batteries needed!!

Enhances baby's :-
-        Visual and Auditory
-        Sensory Development
-        Imagination
-        Exploration
-        Brain Development through fun & play
Our offer
- Like brand new
- Still come with the original box
– Sell at RM 20.00

Interested please email me at mardianamz@gmail .com..(please leave your message at the comments box for my notification..) thanks

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pre-Loved Bumbo Seat c/w Play Tray for Sale / Untuk Di jual (SOLD)

Sebab nak clearkan rumah kami, mummy chempaka nak let go 1 lagi barang..Mariii...mariii..lelong..lelongg..barang baikk!! ehehe..(oops..trlebeyy sudaa..)

Mai nk habaq sket pasaii Bumbo Seat..

World's 1st and only baby seatInternational Award Winning Baby Seat to Sit Baby in and Upright Position. Its a wonderful new way to ensure maximum interaction and enjoyable communication with your child...Bumbo seats keep babies safe and comfortable and enable them interact with the rest of the family. Sesuai untuk baby yg berumur 4 bulan ke atas..memang bagus untuk menguatkn backbone / tulang belakang baby. Senang di maintain..(lap jer utk bersihkan)..Ringan & mudah dibawa kemana2..

-        Perfect for feeding (mmg sgt berguna)
-        Visiting friends & family (mummy chempaka used to mengangkut Bumbo ni every time balik kampung..huhu)
-        Attending to more than 1 child (multiples or day care center)

-        Comfortable & Soft
-        Unique new design in bb care products

Lagi cerita pasal Bumbo & Chempaka..refer my previous post kat sini

Our Offer...
-        Complete Set with Play Tray..
-        Used less than 1 year..
-        Very good condition – 9.5/10..(memang macam baru)
-        Packing will be in the original box..
-        Bright colour to cheer-up your baby (Yellow)..!!
-        Offer at RM99.00..

Interested?? me at (recommended to leave ur msg / notification in the comments box!!...

Pre-Loved Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo for sale / untuk dijual (SOLD)

We do our sprint-cleaning today..ehhe.lepas belek2 and pikir2..thinking of letting go of few Chempaka's of it is the Jumperoo...

Features make the Precious Planet Jumperoo absolutely awesome:-
unique toy disguised as fun but really is an educational toy wrapped around a lot of cuteness.
  • keep your baby entertained with music, lights, and animals. Boasting a colorful Precious Planet theme, plush animal toys, and five toy stations that surround your baby, this interactive play center keeps your child engaged and entertained.
  • The soft padded swivel seat turns 360 degrees so your infant can see and play with all sorts of different textures.
  • is so easy to put together and does not need a traditional doorway like the old-fashioned baby jumpers did. The sturdy freestanding base is all you need and you can move it from room to room while you continue with your daily routine.
Those features are helping your baby develop strong muscles in their legs by bouncing. To help learn cause and effect by pulling, pushing, and grasping at objects. Offer your baby something fun everywhere he looks with the Fisher-Price Jumperoo.. It also helps prepare your baby for standing and walking by exercising his leg muscles as he jumps in a safe, stable environment.

When your infant reaches their hand for a toy and it makes a noise or lights up they get an instant reward. Babies’ motor skills develop when they grasp at a toy and learn how to pick up items with their fingers.

source :

refer my previous post.....kat sini

Our Offer...!!

  • Used less than 1 year...used with extra-care..(plastic kat tiang still x bukak lagi.)
  • Very good condition..9.5/10.(mmg mcm baruu...)
  • Come with the original box
  • Offer at RM 600.00 only..(Original price RM749.90).. me at (recommended to leave ur msg / notification the comments box!!)