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Monday, March 28, 2011

Stylish / Designer Diaper Bag

Today when browsing around for DIAPER BAG, found this interesting caption :-

"Just because you are a mom, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style! The fashion world has finally recognized that diaper bags don't have to be dowdy (or covered with cartoon characters!) to be functional, and there are some awesome choices out there when it comes to deceivingly stylish diaper bags." - Source
YESSS...just know what I have in my mind...normal Diaper Bag in house, normally we saw a lot with cartoon characters or its just plain color and we straightaway can spot there is a nappy in there!!..ehehhehe....and ask daddy to carry it...of courseee BIG NO to daddy..(x macho laaa...eheh)..ME carrying the Cartoon DB??? Ok lagi laa..maybe it can still consider look cute (Duuuhh!!..heheh) but normally we still have / want to carry our handbag tooo right (nnt kurang plak occasions pakai those handbag yg kt dlm closet tuh..OR x vogue laa w/out handbag..hhehe)...
Ada jugak sumtime, we just sumbat everything in our handbag..(I also do this..normally for short trip!!) and we end up carrying the bulky handbag!!..huhu..So, my dream / ideal diaper bag shall be :-

1) STYLISH & MULTIFUNCTION (Handbag that also can fit all the diapering stuff!!..& HOT!!..;p)
2) Have a lot of pockets / section (easy to organize & reach)
3) Ideal in size (not tooo big, not toooo bulky & not tooo small either)
5) If possible including in the travel changing mat
6) Finally, must have room for DIAPER, BB WIPES, BOTTLES, FORMULA, PACIFIER, SNACKS or FOOD, XTRA CLOTHES, mummy purse & handphone!!)

Result from Googling today, found this :-

 STYLISH / DESIGNER DIAPER BAG...huhuhuhu...I want one!!...can be consider to invest..but will search more and more..x sure kat sini kat mana ada yg ok & affordable...(designer brand?? xkan nk lanyak letak botol susu dlm LV?? sayangggg plak...) So, for those who have info on this...dun mind sharing k!!...

 P/S : Misi ari SABTU (refer sini) sudah berjaya....update esok k!!..lalalala


dyana "his other half" said...

diaper bag angelina jolie tu sungguh menarik la. kalau dapat memang best kan. huhu. diyana pun ada problem ngan benda ni. selalu confuse. last2 semua masuk dlm handbag. ahahaha.

chempakamummylicious said...

hhuhu..tu laa dianyeee....kita pon sumbatt jer...tu yg nk cari yg OK2 macaammm mahaii bebenor..huhu